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Prolyte Campus - Risk Assessment Blog

Prolyte H30V

45m Total

8 x Prolyte H30V - 3m

6 x Prolyte H30V - 2m

6 x Prolyte H30V - 1m

6 x Prolyte H30V - 0.5m

6 x Prolyte Box Corner H30V - No Couplers

4 x Prolyte BASEPLATE

115 x Prolyte CCS6-600 Conical Couplers

269 x Prolyte CCS6-603 SPIGOTS

279 x Prolyte CCS6-605 SPIGOT R-SPRINGS

72 x PROLYTE Female Conical Couplers

Self Climbing Truss

All info related to the Sixty82 self-climbing truss can be found here.

Self Climbing Truss


When drawing the corners in Vectorworks use the Prolyte "Box -30V -0" symbol and the "Truss Corn Prolyte Box-30V-ATT side" to get the correct spacing


Manuals, Brochures & Information

Prolyte BlackBook

Prolyte Brochure Downloads

H30V Loading Table

Corners are 13kg

Prolyte Truss User Manual

Prolyte Corner Block Data

H30V Cantilever Loads

Stevenson Hall Truss

Loading Table