The Possibilities

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The Possibilities
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Director Guy Hollands
Production Manager Sandy McRobbie
Set and Costume Designer Cassandra Pettigrew
Lighting Designer Oliver Gorman
Sound Designer Aaron Naraido
Production Team
Stage Manager Oran O'Neill
Deputy Stage Manager Jane Paterson
Assistant Stage Manager Laura Dougan
Technical Stage Manager Jennifer Howes
Assistant Technical Stage Manager Robert Gear
Assistant Technical Stage Manager Mark Blythe
Chief Production Electrician James Gow
Deputy Production Electrician Oliver Gorman
Lighting Crew Chrissie Huxford
Sound Operator Aaron Naraido
Venue Tron Changing House
Performance Dates 30th May - 1st June 2013
Venue The King's Head Theatre, Islington, London
Performance Dates 5th June & 7th June 2013
Venue National Theatre of Warsaw
Performance Dates 28th June 2013 (Wierzbowa Street Hall)

This show is a series of 10 short plays written by Howard Barker, each play has is own story but they do all link together. Our performance of the show was performed by the Third Year actors at the Tron Theatre Glasgow in May/June 2013, at The King's Head Theatre, London, and at the National Theatre of Warsaw in June 2013

Stage Management

Final Props List

• 1 Fake Hand - Silicone

• 1 5m Length of Rope • 1 Pillow

• 2 Pillow cases

• 1 Small Wooden Hand Cart

• A Selection of Old Books

• 4/5 Dirty Cloths

• 1 Wooden Whistle

• 1 Roll of Tape – Gaffer Tape

• 2 Medium sized Hessian Sacks

• 5 Severed Prop Heads

• 1 Sand Coloured Bath Towel

• 1 Pair of Military/ Riding Boots

• 1 Shoe Polish Brush

• 1 Burgundy Length of Material

• 1 Rug

• 1 Wooden Loom

• 3 Skeins of Wool – Red/ Gold/ Sand colours

• 2 Wooden Buckets

• 1 Mop

• 1 Wooden Bowl

• 1 Tablespoon

• Cans of soup – to be assessed as performances commence

• 1 Free Standing Mirror

• 1 Square Table

• 1 Bench

• 3 Chairs

• 1 Wooden Clothes Rail

• 40 Wooden Clothes Hangers

• 5 Knives

• 2 Swords (only 1 used)

• 1 WWI rifle

Technical Stage Management


Technical Challenges

Wood Bark

One of the main elements of the set design was to have the floor covered in bark chippings. We investigated the option of having real bark chippings, but instead opted for a rubber chip due to issues surrounding pests and insects along with the cost of a floorcloth under the bark. Although this was a more expensive option, we didn't have to use pesticide, or flambar.

As rubber chip is actually recycled tyres that have been chopped up, it was essential to thoroughly risk assess the bark as it is a potential fire risk. Spontaneous heating of piled rubber crumb

Playbark rubber playground chippings

It was estimated that 750kg of bark would be needed to cover the entire floor area to a depth of around 40mm.

Unfortunately we eventually only used the bark around the edge of the set, as due to rehearsal room availability, we were unable to rehearse with the full quantity of bark.


Director/designer wanted hessian around all 3 walls of the theatre. However, it was essential that we didn't block the audience's exit from the venue due to fire regulations. Therefore, it stopped at the setting line.

As the original concept was based around the idea of a 'tent', there were also 2 strips of hessian running US-DS, along the ceiling. This left very little room for any lanterns, and therefore we had to be mindful that although the hessian was NDFR (Non-Durably Fire Retardant), that it could still become dangerous if close enough to any lanterns.

It was important to check that none of the cast or crew were severely allergic to the hessian before rehearsals began.


Lighting Plan

Possibilities LX Plan.jpg

Gel List

Scene Plans

Unforeseen Consequences of a Patriotic Act

Possibilities Unforeseen Consequences.jpg Patriotic.jpg

Kiss My Hands

Possibilities Kiss My Hands.jpg Kiss My Hands.JPG

The Philosophical Lieutenant and the Three Village Women

Possibilities Philosophical Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant.JPG

Only Some Can Take the Strain

Possibilities Only Some Can Take The Strain.jpg Strain.JPG

Not Him

Possibilities Not Him.jpg Not Him.JPG

The Reasons for the Fall of Emperors

Possibilities Emperors.jpg Emperors.JPG

The Weaver's Ecstasy at the Discovery of New Colour

Possibilities Weaver's.jpg Weaver's.JPG

The Dumb Woman's Ecstasy

Possibilities Dumb Woman.jpg Dumb Woman.JPG

The Necessity for the Prostitution in Advanced Societies

Possibilities Prostitution.jpg Prostitution.JPG

She Sees the Argument But

Possibilities She Sees the Argument But.jpg Argument.JPG

Lighting Equipment


CCTStarletteFr.jpgCCT Starlette Fresnel 1kW x15 QuartetFr.jpgStrand Quartet Fresnel 650W x5 Prelude16-30.jpgStrand Prelude 16/30° 650W x4

Prelude28-40.jpg Strand Prelude 28/40° 650W x2 SL23-50.jpgStrand SL 23/50° x1 Source4JrZoom.jpgSource 4 Jr 25/50° 575W x10

Nocturne.jpgStrand Nocturne Flood 1kW x2 Parcan.jpgCP62 Parcan 1kW x4 Birdie black.jpgPar 50W GU10 Birdie x12


Rosco #77163

Cloud Gobo.jpeg 2x M Size

Possibilities Preset1.png Possibilities Preset.png