The Hypochondriak

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Production Team

  • Assistant Stage Managers -
  • Stage LX -

LX Design

File:Channel Groups The Hypochondriak.docx


Guide to calculating bar weights in Ath counterweight system

File:File weights.docx


Cue list

# Type Cue Name Follow mode
1 Group (containing audio) House Music Continue
2 Fade FADE OUT: House Music No
3 Audio Fart #1 No
4 Audio Fart #2 No
5 Audio Fart #3 No
6 Group (containing audio) Robins 3D Continue
7 Fade FADE DOWN: Robins 3D No
7.5 Fade FADE OUT: Robins 3D No
8 Group (containing audio/start/fade/go to) Interval Music Continue
9 Fade FADE OUT: Interval Music No
10 Audio Fart #4 Continue
11 Group (containing audio) Latin Chant Continue
12 Group (containing audio) When You're Smiling Continue
13 Group (containing audio/MSC) Explosion + MSC GO to GrandMA Continue
14 Group (containing audio) House Music Continue
15 Fade FADE OUT: House Music No

House Music

All house music used during the show came from Equinoxe - Celtic Fiddle Festival CD.

Tracks used:

  • 01 - Twilight in Portroe, The House of Hammil
  • 03 - Jig de Valcartier, An Italian Tune, Reel de Maisonneuve
  • 05 - The Silgo Maid, The Killavil Fancy, The Sailor on the Rock
  • 07 - Reel de Napoleon, Reel en Sol
  • 08 - Gavottes Pourled
  • 09 - Maureen's Fancy, The Ceil Jig, The Swinging Jig
  • 10 - Reek Desjarlis, Laccorche-Pied, Danse Acadienne

Technical Stage Management

This Show was not very difficult in terms of supporting the performance although there was a performer flying in the last scene of the performance.

Ground Plan

Performer Flying

The main issues we had for the performer flying was keeping everyone on the same page and making the line of communication very clear between departments and cast.


1. Automation cue 1 goes.

2. When bagpipe drone starts, Hannah enters upstage left and receives the drifts at the clip dead.

3. Hannah then taps Argon (Phil) on the back to tell him to step back to his mark when the clips have reached their dead.

4. Hannah then opens the Velcro pockets on each side of Argon’s pyjama suit under his gown and clips him in starting with his left clip and then his right.

  • The drifts clip on with the help of two carabiner.

5. Once Hannah has clipped Argon onto the drifts and checked they are safe, she then radios the TSM (Ian) with a clear signal “Phil is clipped.”

6. If radio fails, Hannah will give a clear thumbs up to TSM.

7. Once TSM has received the clear signal, he will then give the DSM (Sarah) the go to take up the tension of the drifts.

8. When the tension has been taken up, the DSM has full control of the cueing.

9. When Argon begins to fly Hannah will guide him up to decrease swing.

10. During this entire time the TSM is downstage left in sight of Argon with emergency stop in hand.


1. When automation cue 3 goes.

2. Hannah enters up stage left. Hannah will guide Argon (Phil) to a safe landing.

3. The tension will be taken from the drifts.

4. Hannah will unclip Argon starting with the left drift and then the right drift.

5. Once safely unclipped, Hannah will tap Argon on the shoulder to signal him to move downstage.

6. Once the stage is clear, Hannah will give TSM (Ian) a signal “clear” via radio

7. If radio fails, Hannah will give a clear thumbs up to TSM.

8. Once TSM has received the clear signal, he will then give the DSM (Sarah) the go to fly out the drifts.

Due to the possibility of the performer not flying due to any number of things going wrong an alternative ending had to be made if the performer didn't fly.

File:Alternative ending for hypochondriac-1-.docx

Fly Plot



1 Up in the Stage Right fly floor ensure the Illusionist autmation desk is powered on both at the back right switch and the front left when the button lights up with a green rim. Also ensure the red e-stop button on the desk is pressed in for safety.

2 Once the desk is booted, click the mousepad on the eChameleon icon and wait for the "Log-In" boxes to appear, it will read USER: STUDENT, Then in the boxes below wil read PIN: (which you type **** as the Personal Identification Number) Then in the boxes below again reads SHOW: (3) THE HYPOCHONDRIAK. And the last box reads, ROLE: (1) DEFAULT ROLE.

3 Type in the PIN **** then point the mouse cursor and click 'Login', it will read Loading...Please Wait.

4 Remember to deactivate the E-Stop prior to operation.The main screen will open with 2 double grid boxes representing the 4 Axes used in the 2 groups for flyng in and out the back wall of the set and the truss for flying an actor in the finale scene. Type into the command line, Group 1+2, then ENTER. Group 1 locks the Axes 1&2 for the Truss with the drifts to fly the actor and Group 2 locks Axes 3&4 for moving the back wall.

5 Type into the command line, Axis, 1, Query then ENTER to find out the High Soft Limit and Low Soft Limit of Axis 1 which has been pre-programmed for this particular show. Please check all 4 Axes correspond with the following readings:

Axis 1 HSL 1410mm LSL 0mm Axis 2 HSL 1410mm LSL 0mm Axis 3 HSL 7500mm LSL -10mm Axis 4 HSL 7500mm LSL -10mm

Axis 4 is a slave to Axis 3, as is A1 to A2 because of their gouping together.

6 Type the 'SHOW' key once, then press it again and hold until the white line appears on screen to indicate the desk's entry to 'SHOW MODE'.

7 Complying with HSE legislation and to avoid accidental injuries, run through the 6 cues as per Cue Sheet. BUT ONLY UNDER FULL AUTHORISATION, SUPERVISION & INSTRUCTION OF THE TECHNICAL STAGE MANAGEMENT HEAD OF DEPARTMENT.

8 STATE/CUE 7 has been added to reset the back wall ready for the next show

9 STATE/CUE 10 is to fly out the back wall without flying in truss. This STATE/CUE will only be executed if the actor's harness has become loose and/or it is unsafe to fly him for any other reason whatsoever. So, in this case, notification will be given by the Deputy Stage Manager, prior to the Automation Cues 1 to 6, as to whether or not to fly the actor. If not, Standby to execute STATE/CUE 10.

10 It is absolutely ESSENTIAL and NECCESARY that you read, understand and familiarise yourself with the procedures of the rescue plan issued by the TSM HoD in case of failure or malfunction of the automation system. A copy of this document can be located beside the automation desk on the Stage Right Fly Floor. ALWAYS CALL OUT TO LET OTHERS ON STAGE KNOW WHENEVER ANYTHING IS EITHER FLYING IN OR OUT FOR THEIR SAFETY.


1 When Tabs come in at end of show, execute STATE/CUE 7 uponTSM HoD's clearance that it's safe .to bring the wall in.

2 To SHUTDOWN system, first activate the red E-Stop button, then click the red X at the top right of the screen, then a window appears with a picture of a key and another red X. Click on the red X a second time, then click th SHUTDOWN box to power down the system.