The House of Bernarda Alba

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The House of Bernarda Alba was a production directed by Ros Philips which took place in the Chandler Studio Theatre from Tue 1st Nov - Fri 4th Nov 2016. The production involved 3rd year Acting students and 2nd and 3rd year Production students.

Creative Team
Director Ros Philips
Set and Costume Designer Jenny Booth
Sound Designer Calum Paterson
Lighting Designer Ross McCrone
Production Team
Stage Manager Valentino Fabbreschi
Deputy Stage Manager Chris Brown
Technical Stage Manager Fiona Dalgleish
Depute Technical Stage Manager Susannah McWhirter
Chief Production Electrician Rachel Wells
Lighting Programmer and Operator Andrew Jackson
AV/LX Crew Callum Farquhar
Sound 2 Louise Charity
Venue Chandler Studio Theatre

Technical Stage Management

Kabuki Design

After researching Kabuki designs on paperclip, we decided that The Seagull 2009 design suited us best because of length and the directors requirements. See the Kabuki Drop page for further information.

Catwalk Removal

During the final scene in the play, one of the main characters hangs herself. With extensive paperwork and pushing from the CPU department, estates gave us permission to remove one of the Chandler catwalk panels to allow a place for a body to appear. To compensate for this exposed gap, an infill was built to reduce the space.

Stage Management


The Props ist involved hand props, consumables, a weapon (a non firing rifle), glass and crockery. Hoba list.png Hoba list2.png


This oil lamp required by Designer and Director was one of the most challenging props to source for the production, mainly due to the fact that they are quite vintage and not very common to find. The lamp had to work/have real flame while on stage so the priority was to source a lamp with a metal base rather than a glass one, to prevent any accident involving glass/lamp oil/and fire from happening. After lots of research, and a bit of luck, I managed to find the right lamp which arrived on time for tech week and worked without any problem during all performances. In order to use the oil lamp we also purchased a lamp wick and a bottle of lamp oil. The lamp is now stored in the production office as fragile prop.

Instructions: Unscrew the wick holder from the base of the lamp. Pour the lamp oil into the base of the lamp, filling just more than half of it. Place the wick holder back onto the base. Turn the lamp upside down to allow the entire wick to absorb the oil. Now you can light up the lamp and place the glass shade back on. n.b.: A “safe” kind of flame should have clear edges and not produce any black smoke. You can reduce or increase the size of the flame by turning the wheel adjuster on the metal base.

Designer’s reference:

Oil lamp1.png

Lamp on stage (purchased on ebay) £ 20:

Oil lamp2.png

Sound Design

The Sound Design for The House of Bernarda Alba was an intricate collaboration of Original Composition, Unique Foley Artistry and Silence.

File:Bernarda Alba Opening.mp3

Lighting Design, Electrics and AV

The Lighting Plan - File:House_of_Bernarda_Alba_LX_V3.pdf

Hires, Equipment list, Patch list, Colour Call - File:PLXHouse_of_BernardaAlba.pdf


The Pyro used was a Microdet and was fired inside a Bomb tank situated in the USL corner of the Chandlier next to the fire exit. Pyro control itself was behind the back wall of the set about four metres away from the bomb tank. The wire ran from the pyro along the back and hard wired into control. To hide the flash of the Pyro the bomb tank was surrounded by a two sided box and covered with Black tat that could be removed to access the pyro.

There was cue light at control run from the point in the stage left wing and along the back wall with the COMMs cable and the bell wire for the pyro. Throughout Act 1 and 2 the pyro controller, COMMs headset and pack were not there and only put in during the interval along with the pyro.

The connection between the pyro and the wire was created by twisting the pyro wire around the bell wire the covering with LX tape. The bell wire was then hardwired into the controller.