The Country Wife

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The Country Wife
Performance Time
Performance Date Tue 04/11/14 To Fri 07/11/14
Performance Time 7:30pm
Venue Chandler
Creative Team
Director Robert Carson
Designer Nathalie Page
LX Designer Robbie Butler
Production Team
Production Manager Lynfryn MacKenzie
Stage Manager Mark Blythe
DSM Ross Jardine
ASM Sean Quinn,Kiri Newbery
TSM Stuart Lord
Sound No 1 Neil Smith
PLX Kieran Fitzpatrick
Stage LX Ryan Greenfield, Daniel Thompson

The Country Wife is a Restoration comedy written in 1675 by William Wycherley.

Cast List

Stage Management

Sourcing Information

The Following is what I feel were the most useful propping purchases/contacts.

SOFAS: The most difficult things to prop for this show was furniture, in particular the black leather sofas, In the end I was able to compromise and the RCS buidings staff allowed us to borrow the sofas from the student break area in SLS1, as getting the AGOS sofas was not possible.

CLEAR OFFICE CHAIR The transparent chair we used came from the 'burrel collection cafe' they have a large stock of these chairs and were very willing to lend us one.

IKEA WHITE TABLE On this occasion we were unable to get a donation from IKEA however the white table we used was only £30 from the ikea online store.

MOET BOTTLES We managed to source empty but sealed moet champagne bottles from 29 restaurant at royal exchange sq. They get display bottles in every month, the good thing about the moet bottles we got is the plastic labels coverd most of the bottle, meaning if they dropped broken glass would be contained.


The Country Wife had a fairly simple system setup, with a main FOH system and two spot speakers. Early phasing issues were resolved by running the system in an LRLR format. This resulted in far improved coverage and reduced phasing issues.

Technical Stage Manager

Equipment List

2 x 1500mm Scaff

2 x 500mm Scaff

4 x Kee Clamps

2 x tank traps



Production Electrics

Patch List

Flying Birdies