The Angry Brigade 2023

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The Angry Brigade 2023
26th May 2022 - 28th May 2022
Performance Course
Third Year BA Acting
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Head of Stage
Deputy Head of Stage
Stage Technician
LX Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Sound No. 2



Sound Design

This show was very sound heavy. Lots of compositions and sound effects were key plot points that dragged the story forward, this show needed a lot of equipment and the sound design benefitted for the kit that was thrown at it. Although there were technical challenges, I think it was all worth it for he end result.

Plugins proved to be very useful on the sound design of this show, I can highly reccomend the use of Spitfire's free library, Circle's drum loop library, Logic's built in synthesizer as well as any arpejiator you can get your hands on!

Practical Sound Design

We placed an SM57 in the toilet in the centre of stage, and used it as a practical microphone when the cast shout down the toilet in order to create the feeling that they were shouting down an echoey pipe system.

We used 3 Minirigs to do the comedic phone sequence, I felt this worked well and added to the comedy of this moment. We also used one in the toilet to produce a flush, as well as using on in the record player which proved to be very efective.

Speaker Placement and Equipment

For this show, we used the Yamaha QL5 in the control room being controlled remotley via the iPad app. For future reference, he stability of this setup is surprisighly good.

For this show, we used a combination of 4x KV2 ESD12s, 4x KV2 EX6s, 2x KV2 ESD Subs, and 2x RCF Subs, as well as up to 5 MiniRigs on stage at one time (2 wireless using Thomnman IEM systems, and three of them wired using 3.5m to Female XLR.)

Technical Stage Department


The set for The Angry Brigade consisted of Chandler stock flats surrounding 4 pieces of 8x4 steel deck to create the brigade flat, the front of the flat was a frame made custom for the show with a custom cut gauze stretched across the frame which disappeared into a trough at the front of the deck at the end of act 1 using a kabuki drop.In the set there where also flats to create the branch office, these where steel frames filled with a mix of MDF,Perspex and diffusion material.

TAB TSD groundplan jpg.jpg

Kabuki Gauze Drop Video Link