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This is a template page the code is hidden within.
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This template represents the formatting of a "Single author" book reference as required by the RCS TPA Program Handbook (2008-2009 pp. 149-153)

The Following fields have been added:


Copy and past the following code into the desired place within the paperclip edit page.

 {{Ref Single Author
 |Last Name=
 |First Name=
 |Book Title=
 |Date Published=
 |RCS Library Shelfmark=


 {{Ref Single Author
 |Last Name=Smith
 |First Name=John
 |Book Title=The importance of being Anonymous
 |Date Published= 1989
 |Publisher= WYLTKpupcorp
 |RCS Library Shelfmark=
 |ISBN= 0-12-345678-9

Example 2

Using RCS library shelfmark referance

  • When Writing seperate the Deway location number and letter referance by a + symbol.

 {{Ref Single Author
 |Last Name=Reid
 |First Name=Francis
 |Book Title=The Staging Handbook
 |Date Published= 2001
 |Publisher= A&C black - London
 |RCS Library Shelfmark=792.0231+REID
 |ISBN= 0-7136-5829-0