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This is a simple list used to name the people involved in a project on a project page, the list is only populated with the names of design students who are graduating in 2011

The Template contains multiple fields which are all optional.

  • The first field allows you to insert a custom group title. The default value is the page name
  • The second field allows you to chnage the colour of the background. The default value is white (#FFFFFF)
  • The third field allows you to change the border colour. The default value is blue (#0066CC)
  • The fourth field allows you to change where the box floats. The default value is right.


To use this template with it's default title, copy and paste the following code into the desired place within the paperclip edit page.

 {{Template:List Group/Graduate 11/design}}



Change Parameters

To change parameters, follow the example below:

 {{Template:List Group/Graduate 11/design
 |title=Production Meeting