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Guide to template fields

  • Image: Only the filename and extension are required here. No "Image:" prefix or pixel size are necessary. i.e. image.jpg
  • Image caption: this appears below the image in small grey italic text it is sometimes useful to insert where the picture was taken

  • Field#: This text is placed in bold in the first column under the Mid heading each field corresponds to an "info#" signified by the number next to it.
  • Info#: This text is placed opposite its corresponding 'field' signified by the number next to it..

You can use upto 6 "field#" and "info#" boxes when creating an new infobox;


  • Title: changes text in the top-heading of the infobox table if needed, the heading is taken from the page name by default.
  • Heading-colour: change only if needed default colour is black. hex-code:000000
  • MidHeading: Changes text of the mid heading.
  • BorderColour: Changes the colour of the border, the default colour is black. hex-code:000000.
  • BackgroundColour: changes the background colour of the entire infobox by default it is grey. hex-code:CCCCCC.

Using this template to build other templates is possible, but due to its limited range it is not recommended.


Copy and paste the following into the top of the page and fill in the fields as appropriate. Info box with full list of parameters

|Title            =
|Image            =
|Imagecaption     =
|MidHeading       =
|BorderColour     =
|backgroundColour =
|Heading-colour   =
|Field0           =
|Info0            =
|Field1           =
|Info1            =
|Field2           =
|Info2            =
|Field3           =
|Info3            =
|Field4           =
|Info4            =
|Field5           =
|Info5            =

Cake type 1 (no Marzipan)
Cake It's good!
Blue cake It's bad!


|Image         =nopic.jpg
|Imagecaption  =Cake type 1 (no Marzipan)
|Field0        =Cake
|Info0         =It's good!
|Field1        =Blue cake
|Info1         =It's bad!

a Red box
Hex Code #FF0000
R,G,B, Code 255,000,000
C,M,Y,K Code 0,100,100,0
HSV code 0,100,100
Wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red

Advanced Example

|Title            =Red
|Image            =Red.jpg
|Imagecaption     =a Red box
|MidHeading       =Statistics
|Heading-colour   =Red
|BorderColour     =#FF0000
|BackgroundColour =#00FFFF
|Field0        =Hex Code
|Info0         =#FF0000
|Field1        =R,G,B, Code
|Info1         =255,000,000
|Field2        =C,M,Y,K Code
|Info2         =0,100,100,0
|Field3        =HSV code
|Info3         =0,100,100
|Field4        =
|Info4         =
|Field5        =Wiki page
|Info5         =http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red