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Tallescopes are very useful pieces of equipment in the theatre industry and are the subjects of great debate throughout the entertainment world. Their usefulness comes from their ability to be moved easily around the stage while a person remains at the top, e.g. focussing lights.

ABTT Guidance

Things to remember

  • Never work at height alone.
  • The outriggers must be fully extended, locked and in contact with the floor, wherever practicable.
  • The brakes must be applied before ascending the Tallescope.
  • Hard hats must be worn by anyone below the Tallescope when the basket is occupied.

Tallescope Manufacturers Recommendations

These scans are from the Tallescope Instruction Manual Safety List. You should familiarise yourself with these. For extra safety, the Tallescope itself has stickers to remind you of the manufacturer's recommendations. The Academy’s own Method Statement, can also be found attached to the ‘scope.

Read them now because you wont have time during a fit up.

All these pieces of information are for you and your colleague’s safety; they should not be taken lightly. You may see other people using the Tallescopes in an unsafe manner but that does not mean you have to do the same.

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