TSM08 Project - Rising Revolve

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Main Idea

For my project I have decided to research a rising revolve - something like the Pride rock in the "Lion King" Lion King video. But I'm going to scale it down a lot. My idea is to have a build up stage with steel desk and have the revolve in the middle, which would mean I would need to build some arc rostra around the revolve.

My idea was to make or buy a structure like Gas Storage tanks. So It would need to be on a spiral track from top to bottom so it can move up and down with some sort of hydraulic system underneath to push it up or lower it down.

Revolve Costings

Here are just a few sites I found which hire out different size revolves, and hiring prices...

The Revolve Staging Company This is probably the best one I've found:


  • Slightly larger,
  • ideal for revolving up to 2 persons,
  • range from 700mm-1000mm in diameter,
  • overall height 170mm - 600mm,
  • supplied in finish of your choice,

Finishes include:

  • Loop nylon covered ( large colour choice)
  • Stretch lycra covered ( 7 colour choice)
  • Painted flat colours
  • Painted custom artwork
  • Green/blue screen finish (chroma key green, optic blue etc.)

Revolving Plinths are 240v, have variable speeds between 0.1 rpm - 3rpm and direction control.



  • 1m diameter revolving stage, within a 1220mm x 1220mm (4` x 4`) deck.
  • Ideal for locating 1 or several within a larger stage
  • For use with stage heights from 200mm to 1m
  • Weight loadings from 175Kg to 3000Kg
  • Remote speed/direction control
  • Finishes and coverings available on request


Revolve Size Max Load Height Daily hire rate (£) Weekly Hire Rate (£)
300mm -600mm 85kg 140mm 35 125
700mm -1000mm 175kg 170mm 45 150

British Turntable Mainly use for exhibitions.

Model Typical diameter Height Slip rings Normal capacity Normal speed (variable) Deck (fire-retardant)
RS20 2m 300mm 10 amp 600kg 0.3-1.2rpm 20mm ply
RS25 2.5 – 3m 300mm 10 amp 1500kg 0.2-2.2rpm 20mm ply
RS30 3 - 3.5 - 4m 300mm 10 amp 1500kg 0.2-1.8rpm 20mm ply


type DSK 10/05 DSK 15/05 DSK 20/05
diameter 1000 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm
bearing capacity 500 kg 500 kg 500 kg
overall height incl. wood 205 mm 235 mm 235 mm
rotating speed 2 rpm 2 rpm 2 rpm
power supply 380 V / 50 Hz 380 V / 50 Hz 380 V / 50 Hz
standard colour RAL 5002


RAL 5002


RAL 5002


motive power 180 W 180 W 180 W
sense of rotation left / right left / right left / right
weight 65 kg 95 kg 130 kg
cable-length 5 m 5 m 5 m

Stage One

  • I found this too looked quite interesting, but I think it may be a bit big for the Ath. If one could be made the right size for the Ath it would be perfect for my project! National Theatre : Drum revolve I wouldn't need the 4 different sets but just 2 so a new one can be revealed where the old one once was...

Rostra Costings

Since this is an Academy project I can safely say we have steel deck in stock and scaff leg to cut to the acquired height. All that will need to be costed for is 2 arcs to go around the revolve. Construction department's suppliers have 70mmx21mm Red Pine at 54p a meter and 18mm ply at £23 per meter. So roughly about £60 for the 2 arc Rotras.

Other Ideas

Of course I could do the opposite and get a stage to lower with a Revolve in the middle and create the illusion on someone rising where as everyone else around is being lowered.


I couldn't find anything on the Internet for rising revolves so came to the conclusion it was something which would have to specifically be made for a show - and the best place I would advise going to would be Stage Technologies.

Out of the revolves I found I would use the The Revolve Staging Company as they seem to have the best choice of revolves.