Swinging into Christmas 2015

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Swinging into Christmas 2015
Venue Concert Hall
Tech Week 6th December 2015 - 8th December 2015
Performance Dates 9th December 2015 - 11th December 2015

Production Team

Stage Manager: Judy Stewart

Depute Stage Manager: Sam Wright

Technical Stage Manager: Rory Boyd

Depute Technical Stage Manager: Kieran Kenning

Sound 1: Jevan Burchell

Sound 2: Ryan Davy & Babette Wickham - Riddick

Crew: Ailie Richford, Emma Campbell, Laurie Sutton, Reece Flynn, Calum Dunbar, Susannah McWhirter, Vladimira Dovalova, Kirstie Connel, Ailie Richford.



The rostra in the hall was pushed forward by 6ft, to allow for deck to be placed behind it. This comprised of 2 rows, one consisted of 4 8x4 sections & 1 4x4. The second row, was 4 8x2 & 1 4x2.

The legs on these were to match the top section of the rostra, so the legs were 610mm (from floor to top of deck)


This was the second year where Swinging used Truss and motors to rig the set, rather than using hard maskers.

All was made of H30V. 3 upstage motors were hung on existing beam clamps with a SWL of 200kg. We used the 2 existing 1/4 ton motors, and a 1/2 ton in the centre.

The side chords were flown on 2 1/2 tonne motors. The U/S was a straight hang on a basket, the D/S using a bridal using a clutch chain.

Below is a diagram on where the points are, and which motors were used.

TSM Ground Plan.jpg

Side Leg

Due to rigging constraints, a considerable gap was left USL. To fill this, we rigged a short 2.5m scaff bar on hemp, and hung a leg on it.

Kit List