Swingin' Into Christmas 11

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Swingin' Into Christmas 11
Venue Stevenson Concert Hall

Below are the plans for the basic TSM side of Swinging. Generally the production has a fairly similar set up each year. However, be aware that these plans are not 100% accurate and of course are subject to change depending on the production. These are the plans that were made by the Technical Stage Manager of Swinging into Christmas 2011.

Swinging groundplan(full).png Swinging groundplan(stage).png Swinging TSM Diagram.png

- Full black bar US has 4 points rigged in catwalk above on beam perpendicular to catwalks. (I did this just by running the hemp line over the bar but it meant there was a lot of friction on the hemp whilst taking the black out – quite difficult – if there are enough pulley blocks, use them.) Lines come back down behind the black and tie off to ground anchors (ring plates) along the back wall

- Fairy light bar only has 3 lines (very little weight, use aluminium bars if possible) – using diagonal beams next to perpendicular beams in catwalks to hang points from. Once bar is taken out tie off to catwalks and take excess line in to catwalk.

- Both soft legs are taken out, tied off to catwalk handrails and excess line taken into catwalk.

- Hard maskers must come out the scene dock roller door, round the front of the building, up the outside stairs, in the double fire exit door by box office (not the automatic sliding door), through the cafe bar, through the double doors (the widest hard maskers will JUST fit), into the piano store and then reverse the end back into the concert hall.

- Hard maskers are French braced on both edges and each brace is held in place with 2 stage weights, apart from where the 1400 and the 2400 flats meet stage left. Here the weights sit across both braces and the braces are then lashed together.