Stevenson Hall Sound

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Speakers and amps by D&B Audiotechnik.

D&B Ci 60 Mid-Tops

Ci90.jpg 4 Array-Flown Speakers, Mid-Auditorium

Ci60 Data Manual
The Ci Series

D&B E3 Fills

E3.jpg 4 Flown In-Fill Speakers Covering Front Rows & Galleries

E3 Data Manual
The E Series

D&B C7 Subs

C7sub.jpg 2 Seperate Sub Woofers, Kept Covered

C7 Sub Data Manual
The C Series

Fostex 6301B
Fos6301B.jpg2 for Monitoring in the control room
Fostex 6301B Manual


D&B E-PAC 2 Power Amps

Epac.jpg 8 Hard-wired Into Control Room Amp Rack

E-PAC Firmware v4.15 Release Notes
E-PAC Software Manual

D&B D12 Power Amp
D12.jpg 1 Hard-wired Into Control Room Amp Rack

D12 Hardware Manual 4.5
D12 Software Manual 5.3

Crown K2
Crwnk2.jpg2 installed in Control Room Amp Rack
Operations Manual
These are used for powering additional speakers to use as foldback on stage.


Midas Venice 24 Analogue Mixing Console

Venice.jpg 1 Patched into Concert Hall System
Venice Operator's Manual (zipped)

16 mono/4 stereo Inputs
Width 698mm (27.5”) Depth 568mm (22.4”) Height 194mm (7.6”)
Weight 21.1kg (46.5lbs)
EQ: 4 band sweepable
Direct Output
6 Mix Sends
4 Audio Sub Groups
2 stereo masters

Dynamics & Effects

Klark Teknik DN370
DN370.jpg1 Hard-Wired into Concert Hall System, for Main Left and Right

Klark Teknik Square One Graphic EQ

Squareonegraphic.jpg 2 Hard-wired into Concert Hall System, for Mon Masters 1+2, and Aux Masters 1+2

Sq1 Graphic Data Sheet

Klark Teknik Square One Dynamics

Squareonedynamics.jpg 1 Hard-wired into Concert Hall System

Sq1 Dynamics Data Sheet

Yamaha SPX 990 Effects Processor

Spx990.jpg 1 Hard-wired into Concert Hall System

SPX990 Data Sheet