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a silk flame is an old technique used to give the illusion on fire where it's impractical to have one.

For this project I decided to attempt to make one in the style of a medieval torch.

What you need to get this running is quite simple.

1. Battery

2. Fan

3. Light

4. Container.

At it's most basic, these are all you need to achieve this effect. The container is where you get to play around more style wise.

In the model I made it is a three silk pieces of cloth - two yellow, one red - sitting on top of and LED light fixture, which is onto of a 12V computer fan. - This is all encased in the top chamber.

the chamber is then rises by three cuts of acrylic, moulded to style. which are then connected to the lower wooden shaft, which is hollowed out to contain the battery and switch mechanism.

A problem i was encountering myself was that if the fan was to close to the base then there wouldn't be a strong enough airflow to lift the silk. To counter act this I added some holes to the shaft of the torch to help the airflow, as well as raising the container up using cuts of acrylic.

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A final version can be seen here >>>