Sean Ramsay

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RCS Productions 2nd year

Dialogues des Carmélites 2020 Head of Stage

The Breathing House Deputy Stage Supervisor/Head of flys

Bat Boy : The Musical Deputy Stage Supervisor

Cymbeline 2019 Stage Supervisor

RCS Productions 1st year

London Road Crew

Spring Awakening ATSM

Last Woman Left ASM

The Angry Brigade Lighting technician

Pool of Bethesda Lighting technician

Innerspace 2018

One of my favorite projects of first year was Inner Space 2018 where I was the deputy technical stage manager. Working with my team we had to create four separate rooms on the stage for the audience to escape from. This was done using using a variety of soft blacks with some of them having to be rigged from hemp lines which ran through pulleys up in the grid. This provided me a chance the practice my rigging and also knot skills for tieing the line off to the bars.