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Performance Time
Performance Date Saturday 10th December-Thursday 15th December
Venue Chandler
Creative Team
Director Mark Stevenson
Designer Kirstin Rodger
LX Designer Benjamin Goodman
Sound Designer Jack McWeeny

Scavengers was performed by the BA Performance 2nd year students. The first of its kind at RCS this one act play performed using a multitude of performance techniques such as British sign language, spoken english and movement.

Production Team

Production Manager Colin Bell

Stage Manager Babette Wickham-Riddick

Depute Stage Manager Chariya Glasse-Davies

Assistant Stage Managers Monica Schmocker, Jessica Reid

Technical Stage Manager Stephen Keenan

Technical Stage Management Crew Rosie Orford , Rachel Mathews

Chief Production Electrician Paul

Assistant Electrician & Programmer Amy Dawson

Sound Operator Calum Dunbar

Stage Management

Technical Stage Management

Although a fairly minimal show for technical stage management, there was still a number of technical challenges to facilitate the production.

Kabuki Drop

One of which was three Kabuki Drops used to hang polythene sheets as a back drop that were to all drop simultaneously. The system that I chose to go for was based around other manual drops that have been tried in the past on shows at RCS with my own requirements in mind. Three of the same system systems were constructed using 6x 2M 3x1 battens with two back flap hinges connecting the two battens, one pin hinge per drop fixed to the top centre of the system (this is how the drop is released). A series of nails were hammered partially into the top of the drop batten and the heads were grinder off this was to create hanging points to hang the polythene. I chose to insert the nails into the top as apposed to the front like other kabuki systems as this allows a more secure place to hang from and still allows the cloth to drop and the batten turns upside down. A piece of black cord was attached to the control pin of each system and these were fed back through pulleys back to the US gantry in the Chandler where the drops were controlled from. a shot piece of 4mm dynnemma was used to attach the pin to the hinge also meaning when the pin was pulled it wouldn't travel far from its hinge, it also acted as a secondary safety if the control line were to snap when pulled it would prevent the pin from falling to the floor. The system worked very effectively and proved no issues during show opperation and was easy reset as the systems were accessible from the catwalk.

Rig Plan

Kabuki Pictures

Kabuki Build
Kabuki Rigged
Tech Phase


Part of the Sound Design :