Rory Gilmore

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Rory Gilmore
Date of Birth 22nd March 2001
Course Production Technology & Management
Graduating Year 2022 (RCS Graduate 22)
Specialism TSD
schooling Robert Gordon's college (aberdeen) 2013-2018
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2019 - 2022


Rory Gilmore is a Production Technology and Management student specialising in TSD.


RCS Productions

First Year

Assassins (stage tech) - Assassins
Glory on earth (stage tech) - Glory on Earth
CPP 3 (stage tech) - CPP3 Collaborations_2019
CATC (stage tech) - Christmas at the Conservatoire_2019
Inner space (head of flys) -Inner Space 2020
City of Angels (lighting tech) -City of Angels
A3 small scale tour (ASM) -Enron

Second Year

The Bacchae (DTSM) - The Bacchae
The Speculator (DTSM) - The Speculator
Giulio Cesare (DTSM) - Giulio Cesare

Third Year

Non RCS Productions


Granite city events - [1]
A-line - [2]
Live Event Management [3]
Crafted technologies [4]