Reusable Progressing Wound (Hand)

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Materials needed:

Latex gloves – 4 min.


Liquid Latex


Fake blood


1. Mix paint to a base skin tone matching wearer. Add a small amount of liquid latex to this to prevent cracking and paint onto the glove.

2. Mix paints using the same method of adding some liquid latex to add details to the hands – fingernails, knuckles, shading between fingers.

3. Create a bruised base for the wound on the palm of the glove – be sure to spread wider than where the bandage will cover so that it doesn’t get covered completely with the bandages.

4. Cover the bandages with paint/fake blood + wrap around glove, sticking as you go.

5. Repeat 1-4 with all pairs of gloves, increasing the amount of bruising and gore each time.


Mixing the paint with liquid latex should prevent cracking and mean that the glove can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes if needed

02 Hand.jpg 01 Hand.jpg

03 Hand.jpg 04 Hand.jpg