RCS Production Staff

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Ros Maddison - Technical & Production Arts Programme Leader

Production Technology and Management

Susan May Hawley - Lecturer, Stage Management

Steve Macluskie - Lecturer, Stage Technology

Christoph Wagner - Lecturer, Lighting

Clare Hibberd - Lecturer, Sound

Sam Burt - Stage Management Tutor

Malcolm Stephen - Stage Tech Tutor

Dave Evans - Lighting Tutor

Barry McCall - Sound Tutor

Production Art and Design

Zander Lee - Lecturer Scenic Carpentry

Christine Murphy - Lecturer Costume

Gary Fry - Scenic Art Lecturer

Martin Mallorie - Lecturer Design & Prop Construction

Robin Peoples - Design Lecturer

Production Tutors

Astrella Oldham - Props Construction Tutor

Simon Cook - Workshop Construction Tutor

Matt Doolan - Workshop Construction Tutor

Venues Team

Kevin Robertson

Louise Wyllie

Malcolm Frew

Paul Noble

Former Colleagues

John Wilkie - Lecturer Stage Management

Jevan Burchell - Lecturer, Sound

Christine Scott - Lighting Tutor

Yvonne Carruthers - Stage Management Tutor