Quick release tension wire system

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This page documents the solution by Kirsty Campbell to the production challenge of rigging a quick release tension wire system for the production of The Seagull in the New Athenaeum Theatre , November 2009.

Initial attempts at constructing this included using a Tirfor which as expected turned out to be far too loud to de-rig during a short scene change. After much deliberation, it was decided that the most effective method involved using an automation winch to create the desired effect.

Having moved a winch to the desired position, we then lowered the line to meet a 15metre wire drift and attached the two with wedge sockets and shackles. we also added a karabiner between the two lines in order to make the release time quicker and simpler. At a lower point in the line (the same height as the top of the curtain a snatch block was used to divert the direction of the line. A ratchet strap was attached to the snatch block and anchored to a scaff bar at a 45 degree angle which would maintain the horizontal position of the line.

Tension wire picture.png