Pyro Show 2017

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Production Industrial Boom
Performance Time
Performance Date Friday October 6th
Venue New Atheneaum Theatre
The Team
Director Laurie Sutton
Lighting Designer Stephen Keenan
Sound Designer Jack McWeeny, Steven Selby
Production Manager Yesha Subotincic West
Stage Manager Rebecca Bell
TSM Yesha Subotincic West, Reece Flynn
Automation Reece Flynn
PLX/Programmer Euan Odd
AV Amy Dawson, Emma Campbell
Set Construction Yesha Subotincic West, Amy Dawson, Calum Dunbar, Jack McWeeny
Performers Amy Dawson, Emma Campbell, Calum Dunbar, Laurie Sutton, Kirstie Connel, Andrew Jackson, Louise Charity, Stephen Keenan


The show lasted roughly 6 minutes including a video that played at the end. It was a devised show by PTM Students in collaboration with Just FX. Click here to see a video of the show. Click here