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Just FX

Just FX are primarily a pyrotechnics company but also deal with many other production hire requirements such as communication systems. Helmed by Lincoln Parkhouse they also offer one of the only stage pyrotechnics training courses in the UK.

The Walt Disney Company

This company is to date one of the most successful largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. This Animation Studio was founded on October 16, 1923, by the famous Walt and Roy Disney brothers and it has become one of the largest studios in Hollywood. It is also owner and licensor of eleven theme parks and several television networks(including ABC and ESPN).

Walt Elias Disney himself played a major role in the success of this company. Born December 5, 1901 - December 15, 1966 he managed to spread his talents across many roles within the film industry. Throughout his life Walt Disney was known as a film producer, screen writer, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He recieved 59 Academy Award Nominations, Won 26 Oscars - 4 of which were in 1 year, and Won 7 Emmy Awards.

It is said that he "brought fairytales to life" and that he initally created mickey mouse because he was fearfl of mice. The first animated shot with Mickey Mouse was titled 'Plane Crazy' and was a silent film, but after this failed to find a distributer the company created another short film, 'Steamboat Willie', with sound. Walt disney himself perormed as the voice of Mickey Mouse right up until 1946.When Walt Disney died of lung cancer it was just before he was able to see his dream project - the walt disney world resort - open to the public.

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California is where Disney's corporate headquarters and primary production facilities are located. The company has worked with the Dow Jones Industrial Average since May 6 1991. Mickey Mouse is now seen as the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company and has inspired the well known Disney logo that we all know and love.