Pippa Reilly

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Pippa Reilly

Pippa Reilly is a third year Production Technology and Management (PTM) Student, specialising in Lighting.

Stella 4531.jpeg She has particular interest in Lighting Programming and Design.

Profile/Portfolio Links


First Year:

Macbeth and ... - A2 Shakespeare's, Sound Allocation

CPP3 Collaborations - TSD Allocation

Into The New - CPP4, TSD Allocation

Flight (Mini Project) - TSD Allocation

Into The Woods - Musical Theatre, LX Allocation

CPP1 + 4 - SM Allocation

Second Year:

Les Enfants Terribles - Opera, LX Crew and Followspot

Thebans - A3's, LX Programmer

The Dream - A2 Shakespeare's, Production Electrician (PLX)

Measure for Measure - A2 Shakespeare's, Deputy Production Electrician (DPLX)

The Dutch Courtesan - MACCT, Lighting Designer (LD)

MGM Presentation - Assistant LD

CPP1 + 4 - PLX

Third Year:

Merrily We Roll Along - Musical Theatre, LX Programmer

MACCT's - LX Programmer

A3 A(?) - Lighting Designer

CPP1 + 4 - Lighting Designer