Perkin Warbeck

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Early Design Concept

Perkin Early Design.png


Head of Stage for this show was Steve Macluskie

The set was constructed using the modular "buttress towers" which featured originally in Chess the Musical in 2017 and used in several sets since. They are stored in the container outside workshop Plate metal "shelves" were added to the set to facilitate candles, which featured heavily in the design Dressing was various bits and pieces found in scrapyards as well as a selection of stock treads A flown, "staircase to nowhere" from the upper platform was achieved by attaching flying irons to existing open treads and suspending those, on open ended drifts, using Reutlingers, to the underside of the upstage truss cord. No actors went up those treads.

The chain and hook in the early design was replaced by a rope and hook (sourced from Etsy). This was a simple 1:1 "closed loop" and used by the actors during the action. It was rigged from the existing LX bars as no weight was exerted onto the system.

The whole production was designed to be performed to camera with no traditional audience setup required

LX and Sound were external professionals and therefore information is unlikely to appear here

Vectorworks Plans

Equipment List