Panto Birthday Board

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Panto Birthday Board

The Birthday board was to look like a giant sweet, specifically a Jazzie. It was also meant to light up.

The main body of the board was a circle cut out of airex and one side was scrimmed with PVA Glue and canvas.

Channels Cut for the Lights

The lights came from Poundland and were a 20 multi-coloured LED battery pack set. To embed the lights and the battery pack in the Board channels were cut into the airex on the side that had not been scrimmed.

Board with counters on

The lights and the battery pack were glued on. The other side and the edges were then scrimmed. The sweet was then painted white to give an undercoat after it had dried from the scrimming.To make more of the sprinkles that are on a Jazzie counters were glued on. It was then painted brown and after it had dried a clipboard was glued on.