PLX 08 Mirror Ball

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Group Members

Marthe Hoffman, Ricky Smith, Ashley Thomas and Calum Wyllie.


We intend to construct a electronic chasing sequence circuit, consisting of LEDs within a mirrorball.


With the help of Ricky managing to get a mirrorball we could chop up, we split the mirrorball into four sections using a pyrograph. The mirror ball was easily cut as it was hollow. In between each of the four sections we cut seven little grooves so seven LEDs could sit flush in the polystyrene. They were held in place with LX insulating tape, allowing us to solder bell wire onto the ends of the LEDs. This process was repeated for each of the other sections. We thought it would be a nice idea to incorporate a sequencer within the mirrorball so that the LEDs would flash on and off.

It is made of three series circuits, with seven parallel circuits within each series. Please refer to the diagram below for more information.

Schematic Circuit Diagram

Schematic Drawing