Our House

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Show Dates

Preview 29th November 2014

2nd of December - 5th of December 2014

Creative Team

  • Director - Joe Douglas
  • Designer - Suzie Inglis
  • Choreographer - Chris Wilson
  • Musical Director - David Highman
  • Assistant Musical Director - Tamara Saringer
  • LX Designer - Davy Cunningham

Production Team

  • Production Manager - Stephen Roe
  • Wardrobe Supervisor - Cate Mackie
  • Wardrobe Deputy - Meg Davies
  • Wardrobe Assistant - Barbara Grant
  • Venue Technician - Gary Laing

Stage Management

To help us put the scaffolding back up in the Chandler I made a note of the markings on the scaffolding bars and the position of the steel deck legs.

File:Scaffolding Tower Markings.docx

Lots of drinks were used in the show. Below is a document outlining how the drinks were made.

File:Drinks Mixing ourhouse.pdf

Attached below is a risk assessment for a cast performing on a scaffolding platform structure in rehearsals.

File:OH Cast on Platform in Rehearsals RA.pdf

Attached below is the complete props list including sourcing information.

File:Completed Props List.pdf

Technical Stage Management

Kit List


90° Scaff Clamp x31

Swivel Scaff Clamp x75

Split Swivel Scaff Clamps x15 (30 halves)

Split Doughty Clamps x1 (2 halves)

I-Beam Doughty Clamps x6

Wall Hinges x12


Square Feet x24

Round Feet x10

Split Round Feet x2


Chandler Soft Blacks (4m x 6m) x3

Hard Black Book Flat (6m) x2

Hard Black Book Flat (5.5m) x2

French Braces x4


The "M"

A centre piece of the set was the large madness M. The designer had originally desired the M to be draped in Festoon, but it was decided that adding a layover piece to the structure would aid in both speed and aesthetic.

The M was wired with 3 separate parallel circuits, so as to allow the M to chase between it's three different colours. The parallel wiring also allowed redundancy in the event of a lamp failure.