Opera Scenes Spring 08

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Production Team

Director: Carleen Graham

Musical Director: Duncan Williams

Stage Manager: Sam Ramsay

Assistant Stage Manager: Anne Hamilton

LX Design: Andrew Smart

Production Electrician: Andrew Smart

LX Operator: Andrew Smart

Alexander Gibson Opera School

There will be one interval of 15 minutes

6th & 8th March 2008

Approx 2 hrs 15 mins music, plus 20 min interval = 2 hrs 35 mins

Start 7.15pm, finish approx 9.50pm



Rape of Lucretia

Britten Act 1 from Ride to Rome ( ‘My horse..’to end (20mins)

The Male Chorus describes Prince Tarquinius’ determined ride to Rome to see General Collatinus’ wife Lucretia, the only woman, the men have discovered, to remain faithful to her husband while he is away at war. The Female Chorus then reveals Lucretia, with her servants Bianca and Lucia, at home passing the long night away as they wait for Collatinus to return. Disturbed by Tarquinius’ unannounced, late night visit, they bid him goodnight before he is shown to a room in the home.

Lucretia – Charlotte Tetley

Male Chorus - James Geer

Female Chorus - Fiona Scott

Lucia - Sung Eun Seo

Bianca – So Young Jung

Tarquinius – Benjamin Weaver

Repetiteur - Susan Wapshott


Der Rosenkavalier

Strauss Act 3 Trio from Fig 256 ’Mein Gott, es war nicht mehr als eine Farce..’ to end of Act( (18 mins)

In this final scene of the opera, the Field Marschallin graciously relinquishes Octavian, the young man with whom she has been having an affair, to be with Sophie, the young woman with whom he has fallen in love. The Marschallin distracts Sophie’s father Faninal with a ride in her carriage that allows the young lovers a moment to freely express their exuberant feelings.

Octavian – Bohae Kim

Sophie – Clare Tucker

(Faninal - Benjamin Weaver)

Marschallin – Margret Einarsdottir

Repetiteur – Susan Wapshott



Handel Act 2 scene 9-10 inc ( ‘Per dar fine’ - ‘Il core spera’(13 mins)

King Serse of Persia is determined to marry Romilda. However, Romilda and Serse’s brother, Arsamene are in love. Romilda’s sister Atalanta hopes to marry Arsamene. Serse has banished Arsamene who sends a note to Romilda pledging his devotion. The note is intercepted by Atalanta who shows it to her sister claiming that it was meant for Atalanta. Serse attempts to persuade Arsamene to stop loving Romilda in favor of her sister. When Arsamene refuses, Serse tells Atalanta that Arsamene is loyal only to Romilda and that it would be easier for her to simply stop loving him. Atalanta tells Serse that it is not possible for her to change her feelings so quickly. Serse contemplates how pleasurable love might be if one had the ability to control his feelings at will.

Serse – Louise Collett

Arsamene - Elysia Leech

Atalanta - Sung Eun Seo

Repetiteur – Ellen Lampo


A Midsummer Nights Dream

Britten Act 2 Quartet from Act 2 Fig 70 ‘Why should you think…’ to Fig 87( 10 mins)

Egeus plans for his daughter Hermia to marry Demetrius. However, Hermia and Lysander are in love and plan to elope. They have told Hermia’s childhood friend Helena (who was once engaged to Demetrius). Hoping Demetrius will change his mind, Helena has told him about the elopement. Meanwhile, Oberon, King of the Fairies, has sent his servant Puck to acquire a magical flower whose nectar (when spread over a sleeping person’s eyelids) will make the person fall in love with the first person they see upon waking. Puck has mistakenly afflicted the love potion on both Lysander and Demetrius who both fall in love with Helena. Hermia becomes so jealous that she challenges Helena to a fight. Helena is convinced that everyone is playing a joke on her.

Lysander – Reuben Lai

Demetrius – Benjamin Weaver

Helena – Margret Einarsdottir

Hermia – Louise Collett

Repetiteur – Susan Wapshott



Wagner Act 1 sc i( (12 mins)

Prologue: The three Norns (daughters of the earth goddess, Erda) weave the ropes of destiny. They reflect on the past, present and future – of the world ash tree and eternal spring dying and of the time when Wotan will set fire to Valhalla initiating the end of the gods. When their rope breaks, the sisters lament the loss of eternal wisdom by descending to their mother.


Fiona Scott - 3rd Norn

Ling Jia - 1st Norn

Bohae Kim - 2nd Norn

Repetiteur - Alison Luz


Hansel and Gretel

Humperdinck Act 2 sc I and ii ( 15 mins)

Hansel and Gretel have been sent into the woods to pick berries for their supper. After they eat nearly all of their harvest, they realize how frightening the forest becomes in the dark. When their imaginations take over, the Sandman appears and lulls them to sleep. They say their evening prayers and fall fast asleep.

Hansel – Elysia Leech

Gretel – Clare Tucker

Sandman, offstage voices and cuckoo Thelma Sigurdorsdottir

Repetiteur – Ellen Lampo


Manon Massenet

Act 1 from ‘Il vous parlait, Manon?’ Learn through to end of Act, although we may not stage it all (16 mins)

Young Manon Lescaut is about to be escorted off to a convent by her cousin Lescaut, an army officer. He gently orders her to sit still and not speak to anyone whilst he takes a turn at cards with his fellow officers. Des Grieux sees Manon on his way home to see his father and instantly falls in love with her. They abandon their prospective journeys in favour of fleeing to Paris – Des Grieux enamoured by the thought of them being together, and Manon, by the exciting life that the adventure has to offer.

Manon - Sung Eun Seo

Des Grieux - Reuben Lai

Lescaut – Benjamin Weaver

Offstage voices TBD if necessary

Repetiteur – Ellen Lampo



Gounod Act 2 opening – nos 7, recit and no 8 ( Siebel and Faust arias) and Qtet and Duet up until ‘Je veux mourir’ ( 25 mins max)

A garden where Marguerite prays. A young lad Siebel, is attracted to Marguerite and manages to rid himself of a curse placed upon him by Mephistopheles. As he rehearses his confession of love to Marguerite, Mephistopheles leads Faust into the garden, embarrassing Siebel, who runs away. Faust contemplates Marguerite’s purity and before long, she and her friend Martha arrive in the garden. Mephistopheles makes every effort to keep Marguerite’s companion from her giving Faust and Marguerite an opportunity to fall in love. Her hesitation forces Mephistopheles to cast a love spell on the pair leading to a mutual confession of “eternal love”.

Faust – Jung Soo Yun

Siebel - Yanbo Xiong

Marguerite – Maria Kozlova

Martha - Ling Jia

Mephistopheles – Henry Kerswell

Repetiteur – Susan Wapshott


La Cenerentola

Rossini Act 1 sc 1 ( 10 mins)

Clorinda and Thisbe practice the more refined arts, while their melancholy step-sister, Cenerentola, sings of a handsome prince who chooses a bride for her kindness and gentle ways. Tired of hearing Cenerentola sing the same song over and over, they are about to pounce on her when a stranger knocks at the door. Alcindoro (the Prince’s valet disguised as a beggar) is determined to learn the sister’s true dispositions and tells them of the Prince’s expected arrival, bringing further chaos to the house.

Cenerentola – Yanbo Xiong

Alcindoro – Henry Kerswell

Clorinda -Clare Tucker

Tisbe – So Young Jung

Repetiteur – Alison Luz


The production team wishes to thank the following individuals and companies for their help and assistance:

Emma Togneri Scottish Opera Costume Shop


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