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There is a world-class sound system in the Ath. This is made op of D&b Audiotechnik Amps and Speakers and a Midas Pro Series Console. The system is mostly hard-wired and does not move from its set position. There is the potential for up to 10 monitor mixes to stage and the orchestra pit on the house system.

Main House Rig

D&b E12

E12.jpg 2 Main stalls speakers, one positioned in landscape aspect either side of stage

Powered by 1 D&b D6 Amplifier.
Sends 1 & 2 on XLR Patchbay.

E12 Manual
The E-Series

E12 data.jpg

D&b E8

E8.jpg 4 Upper floors speakers, one positioned at either side of Proscenium in portrait aspect

Powered by 2 D&b D6 Amplifiers.
Sends 3 & 4 on XLR Patchbay.

E8 Manual
The E-Series

E8 data.jpg

D&b Qi7

Qi7.jpg 2 Lower section Centre-fill Mid-Tops placed in landscape aspect in Centre Cluster

Powered by 1 D&b D6 Amplifier.
Send 5 on XLR Patchbay.

Qi7 Manual
The Q-Series

Qi7 data.jpg


Qsub.jpg 3 Upper section Centre-fill Subs in Cardioid Arrangement in Centre Cluster

Powered by 1 D&b D12 Amplifier.
Send 6 on XLR Patchbay.

The Q-Series
TI 330 - Cardioid Sub Woofer Arrangement

Qsub data.jpg

D&b E0

E0.jpg 4 Black Front Fills and 12 White Delay speakers spread over all floors on two seperate rings

Powered by 3 D&b D6 Amplifiers.
Sends 7, 8 & 9 on XLR Patchbay.

E0 Manual
The E-Series

E0 data.jpg


D&b E3

E3.jpg 6 In stock - 2 with horizontal flying brackets, 4 with vertical flying brackets

E3 Manual
The E-Series


Additional Speakers

JBL Control 226C/T

JBL Control.jpg18 permanently installed in the auditorium
JBL 200 series Technical Specifications
Powered by 1 Clyde CX-A6
Sends 19, 20 on XLR Patchbay.


D&b D6

Dbd6.jpg 10 in Main control room amp rack, 2 in portable rack with Midas Stage box

D6 Hardware Manual
D6 Software Manual
D6 data.jpg

D&b D12

D12.jpg 1 in Main control room amp rack

D12 Hardware Manual
D12 Software Manual
D12 data.jpg

Crown K2

Crown K2.png 1 in Main control room amp rack
K2 Operations Manual

Cloud CX-A6

Cloud CX-A6.jpg 1 in Main control room amp rack
Cloud CX-A6 Technical Specifications


Midas PRO6

Midas Pro 6 Overview

Midas DL371
DL371.jpg1 DL371 in the FOH rack.
DL371 Overview

Klark Teknik DN9331 Helix Rapide
Graphic.jpg1 in stock
DN9331 Overview

Audio System I/O

Midas DL251
DL251.jpg2 DL251s, 1 in the FOH rack, 1 in the Portable Amp rack.
DL215 Overview


Fostex 6301B
Fostex.jpg2 Fostex 6301B permanently installed in the control room
Fostex 6301B Overview


DAW Hardware
1 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Scarlett 18i20 features a versatile 20 inputs and 20 outputs, including a complement of eight Focusrite mic preamps guaranteed to get the best out of any microphone, with minimal noise and distortion even at high gain. Two mic/line/instrument inputs are accessed via the front panel, which also provides two independent headphone monitor outputs.

This interface is best used with Safire Mix Control which can be downloaded here.