Making Consumable 'raw' eggs

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1. Pierce the egg with a needle to form a small hole and wiggle it about until the hole if big enough to fit the end of a pipette in it.

2. Repeat with the other side but this hole doesn’t need to be as big as this is the ‘blowing’ hole.

3. Wash the egg with hot water

4. Blow through the small hole until all the egg yolk and white has come out the other end (it’s actually quite satisfying).

5. Wash the hollow egg with hot water- just pour it into one of the holes.

6. Use a hot glue gun to seal up the smaller hole in the egg

7. Once this has set, use a pipette and judge how much mango juice, feed it into the egg

8. Again, using the hot glue gun now seal up the bigger hole and leave to set but DON’T PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE because the glue will come off.

9. Your egg is ready to use in the show, now for the actors not to break it…