Macbeth 2021

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Macbeth 2021
Director Taio Lawson
Writer Shakespeare
Lighting Designer Nicholas Ruebenacker
Sound Designer Joseph Liddle
Venue RS2
Performances Week 1st Feburary


Production Team

Technical Stage Management

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we were unable to produce this show with full technical support as planned. TSD as a department were able to fit up Macbeth as planned and managed to get involved almost daily in the reset for filming.

The venue we were given to work in was RS2 which was a challenge as it's normally used as a rehearsal space with bare minimum lighting equipment and minimal sound equipment. This meant we had to build a venue to hang set, lights and sound equipment. As there had been shows done in there before we had some understanding of what the space was capable of, we gave the designers an option of a 8x8 or a 12x4 truss setup. Originally the designers had opted for the 8x8 with two curved Scaff bars with plastic dust sheets attached.

However it was decided later in the design process that we would go with the 12x4 truss with 4 sticks of truss evenly spaced across the 12m.It was then decided that the dust sheets would be hung as three across the back- two in the front at either side and one at the centre back with a 1m gap between. We also had a small challenge of hanging branches in a way that they wouldn't interfere with cast entrances and exits or lighting effects.


Kit List

TSD Kit List 1.png

TSD Kit List 2.png

Setup Photos

Macbeth Truss1.jpg

Macbeth Truss2.jpg



List Of Sound Cues

Stage Management

Meadow Mounds

UV Paint Blood