Luisa Cocozza, Joanne Ferrie, Emily Lennox, Lauren McKay

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The Task

We were asked to recreate the light and shade of a photograph using our own models and available tools.

We had three light sources: two profiles attached to a frame and third which was movable. We also had a choice of gels to make use of colour.


This is a recreation of a Marlon Brando mid-shot (as seen below).

We found that creating the shadow down the face the trickiest factor because we needed more stations of light. We used stage lighting angles 1, 3 & 7.

Using a piece of white paper as a make-shift reflector we were able to manipulate a bit more light towards her face.

2945552162 20cdc9682b.jpg

The main problems with this was the lack of light source.

We needed light on her back, but also on her face, and we had to consider the model behind.

The pose was also difficult for the model to hold as we spent a fair amount of time fiddling with lights.