Lewis Douglas

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Lewis Douglas
Graduating Year 2020
Course Production Technology & Management
Specialism Technical Stage Management
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2017 - 2020

I arrived at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to originally study Sound Production, however after not too long at all I saw the light and joined the Technical Stage Management team.

The Jungle Book

The first show I was allocated to was The Jungle Book. During this allocation I was general crew which had me shared between the LX team and the TSM team. My main cues involved flying the Star cloth and Operating the Genie Trap. Find a copy of my cue list below:


Innerspace 2018

Innerspace is what I consider my highlight of first year already.

For this project I was the Technical Stage Manager which put me in charge of all Stage Operations. Considering the fact that I had never worked as Technical Stage Manager (or in fact heard of the position 3 months earlier) this was an enormous job for myself and the rest of the team who had just been thrown onto the Ath stage and left to it.

For Innerspace 2018 the class decided to do an escape room style performance where teams had to find their way around 4 different rooms by completing a variety of different challenges and tests, to find the hidden prompt copy left lying by a careless DSM.


Soft Blacks


-scaff -barrel clamps -hemps -loft blocks

Risk Assessments

A copy of the production manual from Innerspace is below. This contains a copy of all Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work used during the Innerspace project. The manual has been adapted to remain in toe with data protection.

-Insert Production Manual

Masters in Acting Contemporary and Classical Text Performance

During the MACCT productions of Henry V and Titus Andronicus I was allocated as an Assistant Stage Manager