Ledger Room Sound

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3 speakers, front left and right and centre. Flown on bar above front of stage.
3 x EAW MK2399 Speakers for Left, Right and Centre
2 speakers on rear wall behind audience.
2 x EAW MK8126 Speakers for rear left and right
2 x EAWSB150z Subwoofers running in mono .


Front and sub.jpg
2 amps running front left, front right, centre and the subs in mono.
2 x QSCPLX3602 Power amplifiers
1 amp running rear speakers right and left
1 x QSC PLX1804 Power Amplifier running 2 x rear speakers L+R


Midas M32 digital sound desk
Permanent install rear of auditorium

System EQ
Klark Teknik DN360

DN360.jpg1 in stock
Any two outputs from the console can be patched to,
(one to) graphic A and (one to) graphic B.
The outputs from the DN360 are hardwired to the amp powering
the main left and right EAW MK2399 Speakers.
Klark Teknik DN360 Overview


1 x Christie LWU505, 5000 ANSI Lumens full HD projector
1 x 4m, 16:10 tensioned motorised screen.