King Lear

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Fit Up List

•Put RSAMD black Tri Lyte truss

•Lower Steel Deck bolted together positioned in centre

•Top Steel Deck on top and bolted on

•Flats positioned, bolted together, screwed to steel deck, cable tied to IWB under gallery.

•Cloths hung by black sash from gallery and IWBs

•Cloths leveled off and tops kept at same height

•LX focus carried out

•Floor cloth laid [Double sided tape and black Dance floor PVC]

•Lay out seating [Traverse]

Required Hardware

•M10 Coach Bolts [10X]

•Cable Ties

•Double Sided Dance floor tape

•Black PVC Dance floor tape

•Black Sash

Strike List

•All seats onto trolleys

•Drop all cloths

•Lift and roll floor cloth

•Unscrew flats from steel deck, unclip from IWB, unbolt

•unbolt steel deck remove to backstage

•LX Strike

Van List

13x Soft Hanging Cloths

1x Floor Cloth

3x 1220x2440 Steel Deck [Faced]

2x Hard Flats

Romeo and Juliet

4x Platform Pieces

Selected scaffolding and clamps

Midsummer Nights Dream

5x Scaffolding Lengths [2X 1000mm, 3X 600mm]

2x Kabuki Drops


2x Black Gaffa Roll

2x White Gaffa Roll

2x Black/Silver LX Roll

14x Screw Eyes

DeWALT 14.4v Screw Gun [2x Batteries and Charger]

Cable Ties

1x Double-sided tape Roll

2x Stage Weights

Black Sash

2x Scaffolding Swivel Clamps

30 meter Black Absail Rope

15 meter Absail Rope

2x 5 meter Steel Wire Truss Ladders

4x Doughty Hanging Clamp

4x Hard Hats

2x Adjustable Stage Braces

1x Spanset [1 ton]

1x Blue Pulley Block