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I refuse to write about myself in 3rd person - sounds poncy, sorry but it does!!

Anyway I was born in Glasgow on 12th october 1986, was always an artistic child but as I grew older my attention turned to performance. I played the clarinet briefly and studied Higher Drama and Art at school.

It was my drama teacher who encouraged me to apply to study Technical Theatre so I studied an NC at Telford college and found that I really loved welding!! And had a strange talent for it . . maybe too many years of watching Flashdance?

After this course I decided that I wanted a break from all things theatre related and took a year out in which I floated about trying to find out what I wanted to do and passed my driving test. I started a HNC in Social Sciences but dropped out just before my final exam to prepare for my interview at RSAMD! The theatre was calling me and after going to see Muse and the amazing lighting show that went on during the concert it comfirmed what I really wanted to do!

And the rest is history really, Im here, sometimes I hate it, most of the time I love it but Im here and I know its where im supposed to be which is a good feeling.

I also work part-time in Topshop and have lots of clothes which usually lie about my bedroom floor and I have a mini tophat, its so cute!! If you could define a hobby as something that you when you can be bothered, once a week at the most then mines would be dancing class and swimming.

I have a little brother but he won't talk to you, my flatmate calls me a flower child, I have an RSAMD wife called Ayden ( shes a bit of a skeg ) and I'd like to take more photos . . . . thats it really x