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I studied at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

My first TSM allocation show was Betty Blue Eyes

This is me looking my bestJohn in Kilt.jpg

The first production which I could work on my specialism, which is Sound, was Inner Space 2014 during which I was mixing a five piece band on the Yamaha LS9 mixing console, my first experience on a digital mixer.

Following the winter break of 2013/14 my spring allocation was changed half way through from ASM to shadow sound technician for the BA Musical Theatre 3rd year production of Legally Blonde which gained critical acclaim from the entertainment industry professionals of all fields. I overheard a conversation that this production was so well produced that audiences would even be prepared to pay West End ticket prices for this show.

Sam Cunningham, the Head of Sound for Legally Blonde, performed his role with perfection. As well as undertaking his own tasks of operating sound, he found the time to explain in general terms the workings of the Midas Pro 6 sound desk. As a mature student of 45 years old I was absolutely gob smacked at the level of sheer professionalism from everyone involved. It both excited me and humbled me to be able as a physically challenged adult, but at the same time an equally able individual, to be part of such a high standard of production excellence.

After the spring break I had my production allocation changed again from the automation operator for the opera in the new athenaeum theatre to Sound No 2 for the MA Musical Theatre 3rd year Candid Cabarets 2014 held in Sloan's Bar, Argyle St. Glasgow.

During the Summer break I volunteered to assist with the Comms/Audio team for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies with Jack Morton Worldwide

My first allocation on this my 2nd year of study is as TSM Automation Operator for the show The Hypochondriak My main task is to fly in and out a back wall of the set and the main actor during the finale scene of this comedy show, written by a French playwright, and translated by a Scot, set in the period of the Georgian Regency.

For the Christmas season I was allocated in the New Athenaeum Theatre as Stage LX for the pantomime Mother Goose 2014 during which I utilised skills I already have to assist with rigging, focusing and plotting the stage lighting for this show. This is my first panto I've worked on and it was fun but also hard, but what a great team we had. The show was directed by Alasdair Hawthorn, the set designer was Robin Peoples and the lighting designer was Simon Hayes. I did have lots of photos and videos of the production phase right through to clips of the performances, but, however I dropped my new camera phone and cracked the screen, and although it was replaced on insurance, the photos and videos were unfortunately lost. My main task during the run was to load the pyrotechnic pods with flashes ready for the end of the 'Let It Shine' song at the end of Act 1.