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The Jack Bruce Space Public Address System is a fixed system, and is generally used for speeches or small events. There are two positions that the FOH rack can be placed, next to the automatic door across from the box office and at the side of the feature wall closet to the New Athenaeum entrance. At each point there is 13amp power, Dmx, 2x Speakon (these run directly to the 4 IS8 speakers, and split to 2, single "sub only" outputs either side of the feature wall, so the B.5s can be connected) and 4x 3pin XLRM sockets. On two of the pillars, in the Jack Bruce Space there are 4x 3pin XLRF sockets, that run to each of the FOH rack positions.


Logic Systems
IS8 (in white)
IS8.jpg4 in stock, permanently installed
IS8 Spec Sheet

ML B.5
MLB.5.jpg2 in stock
ML B.5 Spec Sheet


EMX5014c Powered Mixer
Powered Mixer.jpg1 in stock, housed in the FOH rack
Yamaha EMX5014c Specs

P5s.jpg1 in stock, housed in the FOH rack
Yamaha P5000S Specs