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All equipment listed here and contained in the Jack Bruce Space is installed equipment and this serves only as a reference guide for what is in use for integration or inclusive use on specific productions. On no account is any of this equipment allowed to be removed from its installed position. For further information please contact a member of the Venues Team


Pulsar ChromaPar 36
This standard Par 36 short-nosed chrome Par Can provides a choice of over 16 million colours from one source. The lights are controlled via a Pulsar ChromaZone controller and are available in sets of 12.
Led Par 36 Cans features include
Par 36 ChromaHearts encased in a Chrome can
XLR: 5-Pin
0.8A @ 230 VAC
6, 9, 36, 42 or 45
H x W x D: 165 x 165 x 232mm
1 KG
Par36.jpg14 in stock

DTS P56 Short EcoMax GX16D
4 in stock
The P56 is a silver short nose parcan running at 500w

Colour Change Fluorescent
6 in stock
The colour change fluorescent units located on the back wall are a 3 colour change unit comprising of Red, Green and Blue and use specific fittings to create the colour.
Our units are encased in Red, Green and Blue gel to only enhance the effect of the colour mix in the space.


Pulsar ChromaZone
2 in stock
Ability to be used without a control surface
DIP switches control, addressing and to set to a stand alone mode
Remote Accessible
6, 9, 36, 42 & 46
0.7A @ 230 VAC
H x D x W: 400 x 170 x 230mm
2.1 KG


Zero 88 Diablo
1 in stock
The Diablo is a cost effective and flexible lighting controller suitable for controlling moving lights and conventionals. It is aimed at users wanting a small, powerful console. Unlike many small controllers it is not simply for club or DJ use. The Diablo can be used in a range of venues from small theatres, to schools, TV or clubs. To aid in programming the Diablo comes with an effects engine that allows for shape generation and colour and beam effects. The Diablo provides the facility to control up to 18 moving lights as well as 18 generic channels.
This desk is integrated into the sound rack for the space and is none removable

Artistic Licence Light Switch
This controller is primarily used when there is no technical support available and is based behind the box office, to create simple architectural effects.
Light-Switch is a DMX512 playback system, controlled by 14 buttons. Features include 3 pages of 8 memories. Each memory contains all 512 channels and an Independent Fade Time. A fourth page provides 6 sequences with variable step times and direction control.
Up to 15 Light-Switch panels can be connected to a single DMX512 cable. Each panel can be programmed to control a specific zone or group of DMX channels. This allows Light-Switch to be used in multi-room or multi-zone applications.
The entire system is programmed by a PC application: Switch-Edit. Once programmed, the show is downloaded and programmed to flash memory. Switch-Edit contains a moving lamp library and fully implements both post and pre-master channels. This feature allows all types of DMX devices to be freely mixed. Light-Switch can also be programmed by recording DMX512 from a lighting console.
An infrared port is included, allowing remote control with standard 'TV' style hand sets Com-Remote.
Light-Switch requires a 9VDC
Light-Switch will find applications in conference room, retail, domestic, trade show and museum exhibit applications.
Note: Light-Switch uses the RDM protocol for inter-unit communications. This can cause issues with non-compatible DMX fixtures.

DMX512 output
512 channel output
3 pages of 8 memories
Individual fade time per memory
1 page of 6 sequences
Sequences built from 100 memories
Individual sequence step times
Grand master control
Define any channel as G-M controlled
Multiple zone control
Infrared remote sensor
Illuminated switches
RS232 triggering