Into the New 2014

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Into the New 2014
Stage Manager Ashley Kerray
Technical Manager Oliver Gorman
Head of Sound Sam Cunningham
Technician Ross Jardine
Technician Laura Dougan
Technician Shannon Howard
Technician Robert Gear
Venue The Arches


Kit allocations and list.

High SPL risk assessment.

Heartbeat microphone. For one of the durational pieces a live heartbeat was required, having tried a contact microphone to no avail I chose to modify a stethoscope and try that instead.

I cut the Stethoscope just below the y joint where the tube splits into two sections. I then inserted a DPA lapel mic into the tube, and then into a UR1 Pack.

To try and minimize movement noise i wrapped foam around the tube, where the mic sat. Body tape was used to attach the scope to the chest, and then elastic straps passed round the body for extra pressure.

Due to a large amount of LF feedback, i had to apply a heavy Eq to the aux send, and also pitch shifted the signal up 4 semitones which made the sound much clearer and more recognizable as a heart.

Here is a short clip from the recording of the show, showing the microphones effectiveness

In Another Life, I'm An Elf

Venue- Studio

Lighting Plan: File:Inanotherlife LX Plan.pdf

LX Cue Sheet: File:In another Life. LX CUE SHEET.pdf

QLab Cue Sheet: File:In another Life. QLAB CUE SHEET.pdf

Props List: File:In another Life. PROPS LIST.pdf

Let's Not Talk About The Weather

Venue- Playroom

LX/Sound Cue Sheet: File:clip Playroom - Cue Sheet - Shannon.pdf

Through Your Eyes

Venue- Arch 3

LX/Sound Cue Sheet: File:clip Arch 3- Cue Sheet - Shannon.pdf