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Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Lighting Designer
Sound Supervisor
Production Team
Production Manager
Jacqui Howard
Stage Manager - flux and It's My House
Stage Manager - Prologue and Raindance
Stage Manager - Breakfast with Insomniacs and Epilogue
Assistant Stage Managers
Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Head Of Stage
Deputy Head of Stage
Stage Technician
Stage Technician


Inter/section is the CPP 3 cohort split into different groups putting on devised work. There is 6 sections - one per group, a prologue, and an epilogue.


flux is an interdisciplinary performance which uses sounds, text, lighting and movement to explore interconnectedness and the transfer of energy.


A cozy yet probing exploration of friendship, identity, and the allure of dreams. Against the backdrop of Glasgow’s unpredictable weather, two friends find themselves immersed in a deep conversation as they navigate the shifting rhythms of rain, wind, and themselves.

It's My House

Unfair judgement of self, and baseless criticism of others, is polarising and divisive, both for the individual and society at large. It’s My House explores the corrupt posher dynamics sustaining the oppressive cycle that leads people to criticise themselves and others, as well as how the destructive nature of judgement results in individuals becoming increasingly threatened by being perceived.

Breakfast with Insomniacs

An experiment interrogating out politics in relation to each other and in relation to the systems to live under and contribute to. It has been scary and fun and sad and good…


This show was designed throughout the rehearsal process by the performers with assistance from the production team who knew the performance space.



Lighting master plan used for fit-up



Being a member of the SLX lighting program, Jamie was able to benefit in receiving free equipment hire for this project. CPE also contributed fixtures to the project to act as a shakedown. The hired fixtures are listed below;

- 4 x Martin Mac Encore Warm (SLX)

- 6 x Martin Aura XIP (SLX)

- 8 x ETC Lustr2 (SLX)

- 10 x Robe LEDWash 300 (CPE)

- Various cable and networking equipment (SLX & CPE)

Sound Design

Loop Station

A loop station was used live on stage by one of the performers. This was complimented with some composition and foley made by the same student.

A stereo feed was taken from the loop station.

Speaker Plans

The speakers used on this show were;

- KV2 ESD 12 (L, R, C)

- KV2 EX 1.5

- KV2 EX 6 (Rear LR, Floor LR)

Other plans

MIDI, MSC, and MTC was used in this show.

Midi was used to control desk scenes in the QL5 from QLab, MSC was used to trigger LX cues at specific points, and MTC was used at a particular point in the show to keep lx cues in time with sound. This was recorded to MTC in tech and the MTC triggered the lx from there.

The QL5 was downstairs for plot and tech and we initially had various computers for different things.


Practical Mic

There was a flown (fake) Shure 55sh in one scene which was used both as a prop and to speak into.

One group also used CPC headset mics.

Hairline Mics

Stage Management

Prop Highlights

Baby in Jar

Rain Chandelier

Technical Stage Department

Ground Plans