Innerspace 2021

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Innerspace 2021 - The Limelight Club

Limelight Club Invite

Innerspace 2021 (by RCS Graduate 24) was a cabaret club, "The Limelight Club" on the stage of the Ath. We had a single week to get in, perform and get out of the space. This one performance show was comprised of 6 musical performances, on a small stage in front of 6 tables of invited guests.

The Crew

Production Manager and Performance - Brad Hamilton

Designer - Ryan Smith

Lighting Designer - Dominic De Mountfalcon

Head of Stage - Noah Dunnett

Stage Manager - Zoe Peebles

Deputy Stage Managers - Jordan Alsoudani & Robyn Johnstone

Assistant Stage Managers - Lana Kirk

Lighting Programmer/Lighting operator - Sandy Cairns

PLX - Jamie Burke

DPLX - Dylan McLean

Sound Design and Sound 1 - Nathan Farndale

Sound Design and Sound 2 - Nommy Soplantila

Head of Flys - Rory Campbell

Head of Grid - Toby Cass

TSD team - Jamie McDonnell

Costume, Choreography, Compare and Performance- Iz Brett

Guest Performer - Emily Rae

Programme of Events

Opening Song: Wilkommen leading into Morning Person (techie edition) - Performed by Iz Brett

Compare Interlude

At Last - Performed by Emily Rae

That's Life - Performed by Brad Hamilton

Compare Interlude

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend - Performed by Iz Brett

Man With The Bag - Performed by Brad Hamilton

Compare Interlude

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - Performed by Iz Brett and Brad Hamilton

Compere's Thank You and Goodnight

Show Paperwork

Production Schedule: File:InnerSpace2021 Production Schedule.docx

Lighting Plans: File:Inner Space Lighting Final v2021.pdf

Set Design: [[File:]]

Fly Plot: File:Fly bar plot Official.xlsx

Equipment Lists: LX Equipment List: File:Innerspace 2021 Lighting Kit.xlsx Flys Equipment List: File:FLYs Kit List Inner Space 2021.xlsx Sound Equipment List: File:Equipment List 1.pdf

Props List: File:Innerspace 2021 Provisional Props List.docx

LX Programmers Doc: File:Innospace programming master doc.docx