Inner Space 2020

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Inner Space Race
Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 23.16.47.png
Performance Date Thursday 30th of January 2020
Performance Time 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue New Athenaeum
Course BA Production Technology and Management
Production Team
Production Manager Shannon White
Designer Eve Imrie

Alexandra McKenna

Stage Supervisor Kyle Jessiman
Head of Stage Euan Dyer
Head of Flys Rory Gilmore
Stage Manager Alexandra McKenna
Deputy Stage Manager Eve Imrie
Assistant Stage Manager India Kilbride
Assistant Stage Manager Catherine Donaldson
Assistant Stage Manager Coral Nelson
Assistant Stage Manager Marjolaine Demaude
Sound Designer David Graham
Associate Sound Designer Coral Nelson
Production Sound Engineer Joseph Liddle
Sound nr.2 Stuart Green
Lighting Designer Laura Curtis

Laura Martin

Production Electrician Oliver McNally
LX Programmer Pierce Brown
Head of AV Oliver McNally

Laura Curtis

Marketing Department Marjolaine Demaude

Laura Martin Eve Imrie Coral Nelson

Photography Kyle Jessiman

Pierce Brown Rory Gilmore



Design and concept


Production Management

The Budget

Innerspace 2020 Budget.png

Technical Stage Department

The Technical Stage Department team consisted of Stage Supervisor Kyle Jessiman, Head of floor Euan Dyer and Head of Fly's Rory Gilmore. The Technical Stage Management team was responsible for building the stage and masking off the ath.

In preparation for the fit up week, the TSM Team were required to create various documents.

- scale ground plan of the stage

- Equipment list

- Risk assessments

- Fly plot

Stage Management








The original poster and designs were created using simple graphics on microsoft powerpoint. These were then adapted into posters and facebook banners that could be used to advertise students to come along to the events. We used google forms as the device to sign up for the event, with the intake being gradual over the few days of sign up. The Freshers Facebook page was probably our most useful way of attracting people to come along to the event, with regular notices being put up. Word of mouth was also a significant form of advertising as we often found that once one team from a course signed up, other people would follow.