Inner Space 2016

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Inner Space 2016
Production Act Array Variety Show
Performance Time
Performance Date Thursday 28th of January 2016
Performance Time 7:30pm
Venue New Athenaeum
Creative Team
Designer Stephen Keenan
Lighting Designer Euan Odd
Sound Designer Steven Selby
AV/Graphic Design Callum Farquhar
Production Team
Production/Stage Manager Rebecca Bell
Laurie Sutton
DSM Louise Charity
ASM Emma Campbell
Susannah McWhirter
Vladimira Dovalova
Kirstie Connel
TSM Dimitri Grant
Yesha Subotincic West
Amy Dawson
Reece Flynn
Heather McKennan
LX Operator Euan Odd
PLX Calum Dunbar
Sound Andrew Jackson
Jack McWeeny
Ailie Richford
DJ Jack McWeeny
Announcer Callum Farquhar


Inner Space 2016, was a project done by first year Production Technology Management students in January 2016. It was a variety show consisting of four different acts with a 15 minute intermission before the last act. The show ran approximately 1 hour. Inner space was the last project for PTM 1 before the end of the first trimester. 12593822 1022400464488524 2474489068678461458 o.jpg PTM1sillyspace.jpg



Stage Management


Kabuki Drop

See Kabuki Drop Paperclip page.


Three half blacks were hung on fly bars and folded back half-way and gridded to help sound on bars 6, 15 and 23. We were originally going to use dog legs and a border hung on hemp from stage right fly floor. To minimize the amount of help rigging we had to do we ended up using a 6m scaff bar with corners and smaller scaff bars to make a false pros arch over the entrance. It was hung from 5 points from pulleys on the grid.


On bar 1 and bar 30 full blacks were hung to mask the back wall and iron. Over prompt side fly floor on a 6m scaff bar was hung with three hemp lines and tied off over the rail. On the bar we hung a half black behind the truss and lighting ladders.


Using two automation lines we bridled using strops to barrel clamps to a 6m scaff bar. A black was tied onto it. This black was used to hide the stage during scene changes. The two points were grouped on the desk and states were programmed for every time the black moved.


Risk Assessments

Risk assessments were written for hanging truss, working on the grid, the Kabuki drop and steel deck assembly. We used generic risk assessments for vertical access ladder, counterweight bars and chain hoists.