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Hidden was a collaboration between Vanishing Point and third year acting students at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Two interconnecting shows took place concurrently in the New Athenaeum Theatre and The Chandler Studio. The shows were created by students working with Vanishing Point Artistic Director Matthew Lenton and Associate Director Sandy Grierson.

Hidden is a labyrinth of stories centred around two men who have escaped from a hostage situation in a shopping centre. Resting in a luxury hotel room, watched over by a Police Welfare Officer, things seem to be going well for the two escapees until the kidnappers announce that unless the two men voluntarily return, they will begin shooting the remaining hostages. At first nobody takes them seriously, but soon a dark, creeping guilt ensues and the world around them begins slowly to turn upside down.

Hidden performed from Tuesday 30 October to Saturday 3 November. Each show performed twice each night, at 7.30pm and 9.00pm.


Hidden 1 : "Escape", was performed in the New Athenaeum Theatre and designed by Steph Todd

Hidden 2 : "Home" was performed in the Chandler Studio Theare and was designed by Kirsten Hogg

Lighting Design - Lynfryn Mackenzie

Sound Design - Mark Carry

Production Challenges

The Brief

Mhairi Begg was charged with making a set of double wardrobe doors open and close "magically". Making the job harder was the fact that the audience could see inside the doors when open and therefore simple push sticks were unacceptable. The doors also needed to be opened and closed by the actors/actresses and for this it was necessary the doors be able to open/close individually.

The Solution

The solution was found using existing pulley blocks and sash cord. Drawings are below

Production Photography

RSAMD Hidden Flickr set


Hidden 1 "Escape"

Wiliam - Alan Burgon

Emma (school Girl) - Roisin Gallagher

Reporter - Michael Goldsmith

Sunshine - Fergus Johnson

Cynthia (Hotel Manager) - Emma Lambie

Superintendant - Allan Lindsay

Malina (Pregnant Woman) - Maria Nobauer

Wind - Fres Noguer

Cameraman & Waiter - John Parsons

Sally - Ashley Pontius

Michael - Matthew Randell

Malcolm - Andy Root

Rain - Anneika Rose

Andrea - Ashey Smith

Hidden 2 "Home"

PC Hughes - Jamie Brotherston

Mr Black - Edward Corrie

Reporter - Michael Goldsmith

Sophie - Jenny Huise

Superintendant - Allan Lindsay

Brian - Stuart Martin

Sgt Woodcock -Lewis Milsted

Cameraman - John Parsons

Sally - Ashley Pontius

Andrea - Ashley Smith

Luscious - Owen Whitelaw

Production Team

Production Stage Manager - Emma Hullin

Stage Manager, Hidden 1 - Mike Offland

Deputy Stage Manager, Hidden 1 - Ashley Reiley

Stage Manager, Hidden 2 - Emma Hullin

Deputy Stage Manager, Hidden 2 - Danielle Fletcher-Herd

Assistant Stage Managers - Trevor Mills, Susan Scott

Technical Stage Manager - Mhairi Begg

Stage Technicians - Jane Gordon , Ricky Smith

Production Electrician, Hidden 1 - Andy Smart

Production Electrician, Hidden 2 - Allan Kimmett

Lighting Operator, Hidden 1 - Mark McGowan

Sound Operator, Hidden 1 - Jennifer Walker

Lighting Operator, Hidden 2 - Helen Allingham

Sound Operator - Emilie Velluet-Draper

Scenic Artist - Francesca Rose

Scenic Painters - Gordon Bavaird, Hannah Fisher, Laura McNiven, Alix Ross, Gina Sheward, Calum Wyllie

Prop Makers - Susie Goldberg

Assistant Prop Makers - Francesca Branch, Niall MacGillivary, Marianne McAra, Ricky Smith

Stage Carpenters - Dan Birch, Amy Cummings, Laura Montgomery, Peter Strain

Assistant Stage Carpenters - Alasdair Head, Susan Kirkwood, Laura McNiven, Gillian Richards, Ashley Thomas, Lynn Wiseman

Wardrobe Assistants - Emma Grindlay, Christine Orr, Mark McGowan

Make Up - Gordon Bavaird

Set & Costume Design Mentor - Becky Minto


View From The Stalls

The Herald