Hansel and Gretel 2022

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Hansel and Gretel 2022
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New Athenaeum Theatre
Creative Team
Stephen Lawless
Set & Costume Designer
Adrian Linford
Lighting Designer
John Bishop
Production Team
Production Manager
Kevin Murray
Stage Manager
Jacqueline Howard
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Technician
Lighting Technician
Head Of Stage
Head of Automation and Flys
Stage Technician
Stage Technician
Stage Technician


Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel has a long association with Christmas….indeed it was premiered on 23rd December 1893 and has been the operatic mainstay of the Christmas season ever since…the operatic equivalent of The Nutcracker, a safe introduction to opera for young children in the form of an upmarket pantomime with its Witch, its Fairy and even a principal boy in the form of Hansel.

Yet behind this there is a much darker side. The piece fundamentally deals with childhood poverty and how many children go hungry even when surrounded by food. This darkness extends to the comedy of the piece in the form of the Witch – in our version a Celebrity Chef launching her new Christmas cookbook “Cooking with Children”- and her increasingly desperate attempts to consume Hansel.

We have seized on this connection between Christmas and deprivation as the basis for our production. The Season of Good Will is not necessarily extended to all. Hansel and Gretel find themselves [like many children today] homeless at Christmas.

Stage Department

The Design

Ground Plan

The Set

Scene Changes

Here is a video of the interval change https://youtu.be/EHHLotVRsTU

Performer Flying


Fly Plot

Points Plan

Flown Trees


Stage Management