Group D (06-07/11/2008)

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Drawing Task

For our task we were split into two groups and given two different pictures from our LX class we had a few weeks ago. We then had tosplit the picture into four sections, take a section each and try and reproduce it as a charcoal piece. This turned out to be alot harder than we thought. Problems were that everyone has different drawing styles, so naturally when the four pieces were brought back together, it didn't really match up. On the other hand, the other group managed to line theirs up very well and the final outcome was almost perfect.I think this was down to better preparation.

Queen-pic.jpg Davidjones.jpg

Topleft.jpg Top right.jpg

Jarvis.jpg Bottomright.jpg

Group d scenic intro 1.jpg Group d scenic intro 2.jpg

Group d scenic intro 3.jpg Groupd d scenic intro 4.jpg

Here I have put the images together from 4 different photos to show the variations that we got.

Building A Scene Task

Our second task was to watch a scene from 'Outpost'and to try and recreate some of the scenery in the film. The scenery was supposed to be in a abandoned bunker from the war, so it was very old and dingy, with rusty pipes and mossy walls. We were split into 3 groups and given different tasks. Two groups were given walls to create and paint, and the other was given Pipes and the floor. Jessica and Karen done one wall, the two Jaime's done the second wall and Thomas and myself (Barry) did the pipes and Floor.

What Are The Top Ten Qualities/Skills A Scenic Artist Should Have?


Good team worker, Patience, Timekeeping, Communication, Eye for Colour, Creativity, Sense of Perspective, Steady Hand, Imagination, Confidence.