Group B (23 & 24/10/08)

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Drawing Task

Split into two groups of four, we were asked to chose a photograph to draw. The catch was we were each given a separate section to do on an A3 piece of paper.


I know my group, who put together the 'Harry Potter' drawing (right), were very pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. Working in a team to create a piece of art was a challenge to some and totally new to all of us, but we were all pleased with the result.

Building A Scene Task

For this task, the group was shown a short trailer from the movie Outpost and also a small documentary on the set design and construction from the movie; we were then shown some pictures of the set as stimuli to make our own version of the set. We opted for an old, distressed sewer wall with rust dripping from pipes that were attached to the walls.

Wall #2

We (Lauren McKay and Laura Jarvis) were delegated the job of creating wall #2. We spread a coat of artec on the majority of their flat (they decided to keep it patchy to create an old, textured look). Once this had dried, they painted the flat white to create a neutral base colour to work from. After even more waiting for this to dry, they began to start adding colour and used dark greys, browns, yellows and blacks, squirted with water to complete the wall.



The pipes started as cardboard tubes which we then lathered with a mixture of PVC, emulsion and sawdust. Left overnight this created a rough texture which was easy to paint on, and after a base coat we could begin to try and replicate rust using emulsion paint. (Luisa Cocozza and Catherine Lewis)

Wall #2

Wall images

What Are The Top Ten Qualities/Skills A Scenic Artist Should Have?

We were posed this question at the beginning and end of the project, and after some reflection these are the conclusions we came to:

Luisa - Ability to draw, Patience, Imagination, Perception, Desire to always be better, Teamwork, Knowledge of tools, Good with hands, Open mind, Endurance.

Jonny Previsualisation, confidence, willing to take risks imagination.