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On this page you will find a collection of our research, along with the presentation of our New York in the 1960s project.

Historical context

The Words

Photo Gallery

A selection of photos taken in '60s New York.
More can be found at:
Wired New York, Thread: 1960's NYC In Black & White
Citynoise, Old New York in Colour


A clip of one of Warhol's 'Chelsea Girls' - SusanBottomly. The video has an interesting biography of the girl in the expanded blurb below.
International Velvet - "Chelsea Girls" Snippet

Hotel Chelsea. This link has a modern review of the hotel, with a little bit of history, and a video with an interview with the owner reflecting back on the old days.
Hotel Chelsea



Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf

Small Production Companies



Photos from our Project Outcome